Thursday, December 15, 2011

Mod bits (and pieces)

Over at Scoutie Girl I get to interact with a lot of awesome people, one of whom is Lia Fagan.

Lia does about a thousand things, but she's best known for her decor blog, Mod Nest, and Mod Pieces, a line of restyled lighting. I love love love checking out the latest magic she's worked upon vintage and discarded lamps.

Bridget Twins from Mod Pieces
Several months ago, Lia launched a new product line - lamp shade adornments!  She asked her fellow Scoutie Girl contributors for some help naming her new line. I suggested "Mod Bits" because I thought it played nicely with "Mod Pieces;" you know - Bits and Pieces.  Lia agreed!

Mod Bit
Mod Pieces
Bits and Pieces!

Then, Lia thanked me by offering me a Mod Bit of my very own.  See?  I get to work with awesome people! I really wanted something black and white for the Never a Plain Jane studio.  Unfortunately, I'm still searching for just the right lamp and couldn't bring myself to put my new bit on my placeholder lamp. No worries, though. Lia's little adornments can pretty much go anywhere so...

Hexagon Motif Adornment designed by Etsian, Patricia Banner, exclusively for Mod Pieces
...I used mine to add a bit of mod to an antique picture frame. I jazzed up some clothespins so I can use this baby as a sort of memo board.

Sweet, right?

Think of the possibilities! You can add a little zest to your decor in a snap! Lamp shades, curtain tie-backs, plant pots...

Zipper Lamp Shade Adornment designed by Etsian, Stephanie Hill, exclusively for Mod Pieces.
You can have a set for every season - winter, spring, summer, and fall!

Sunny Circle Lamp Shade Adornment designed by Etsian, Carrie McChesney, exclusively for Mod Pieces
You could even buy several to clip on your Christmas tree and hand out as favors at your holiday party!

Now, back to Lia and her awesomeness.
1. She's helping turn around our "throw-away" culture by giving new life to old lamps.

2. She is spreading the love of handmade by inviting fellow small business artists to contribute to her collection.

3. She is offering NPJ readers a 50% discount in her Etsy shop with the code "MODBITSPROMO"!

See? Aweome!

So what do you think of Lia's Mod Bits?  You have to let me know if you get one.

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