Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Thanks to the Etsy favorites feature, I have hearts, you have hearts, we all have hearts! Here, we’ll hop from heart-to-heart each week, progressively adding to our heart trail as we follow the favorites from one seller to the next.

When Thanksgiving dinner here in America called us away from our heart trail we were puckering up for

...FIGandYARROW {Basil Cardamom Lip Balm} who hearts

...RhapsodyAttic {Hollywood RegencyLamp} who hearts

...Junkyard Glitter {Vintage Frame} who hearts

...StudioBotanica {Handmade Christmas Ornaments} who hearts

...Rare Bird {Chairs Fine Art Print} who hearts

...Amelia Bath and Body {Oatmeal Soap} who hearts

...take some time to relax by the fire; we'll pick up the trail again 'round Boxing Day.


Amelia's Soap Co. said...

What a beautiful blog! I am honored to be featured .... love being surrounded by all this beauty and wonderful company as well.

Janet Amelia
Amelia Bath and Body

Cristy Beck said...

Lovely favorites, thank so much!

kristen said...

Love this! And I simply adore Amelia's soaps, they're especially wonderful for the dry Winter weather!!

Taylor said...

Great gift ideas here! Hollywood Regency is such a cool, underrated style, and this lamp captures it. And I love Amelia Bath and Body Soaps - so comforting at Christmas!