Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A vintage rustic fall garter

I cannot believe I never shared this garter with you guys!  I'm really slipping.

When Nicole contacted me I instantly knew I wanted to work with her.  She had an idea of what she wanted, but she knew what she didn't want: no lace, no bows, no froo-froo. Then, she sent me this photo for inspiration.

I love everything about this! Those gloves! That china! A RACCOON! After a little back and forth with Nicole, I came up with this.

This custom garter is made of sooty gray linen stitched into overlapping patches. I left the edges unfinished because, honestly, linen is like love - most beautiful when it is raw. The petersham ribbon brings a richness with its deep honey tones and makes for a tailored contrast against the grainy linen. Vintage buttons, and cream-colored baker's twine echo the vintage feel and weave of the bride's sweet wrist-length gloves.

This is, honestly, one of my favorite garters ever. How about you? Are you more vintage and less lace or do you go for something with a more traditional feel?


Erratt Family said...

More vintage, less lace! Beautiful garter!

bridechic said...

Very original! I can't find the words . . .