Thursday, November 24, 2011

Stuff and Things: Thursday

I'm not here right now and there is no beep after which you can leave a message. Instead, I'm using this week off to share some things I found Pinteresting.

Yes, this is a departure from the usual Thanksgiving fare.

via Kiss the Groom

This photo contains a large portion of my "thankful" list.  I'm thankful for the beauty still in this world.  Beauty is therapy. I am thankful for fairy tales - the ones I imagine are contained in those old books, and the ones my daughter makes up for me. I'm thankful for imagination, whimsy, the color pink, dreaming, and the idea that any little girl can someday become a princess.

Photo by Elizabeth Messina; Styling by Jacqueline Weppner at Merci New York

What are you thankful for?  As I said, there is no beep prompting you to leave a message, but I'd love to read your comments below.

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