Monday, November 28, 2011

Communication is Key

Today, I was challenged to write about the thing(s) I do to give my garters that added something.  What is it that makes them so great - even awesome.

The absolute, honest truth is my garters are amazing because of the me part.

ta da!

When it comes to the actual garters, I still struggle a lot when it comes to calling a piece finished. Sometimes more details make the garter. But sometimes more is just more and less would have been stunning. For example, I recently messaged one of my brides suggesting a glam sequined fabric as the center piece for her bow-shaped garter.

For some girls, those sequins would be a dynamite addition.  This particular bride very sweetly declined and asked that we let the bow speak for itself just like the garter that originally caught her eye.

Pumpkin Spice Latte garter by Never a Plain Jane
My point is, I talked to my bride and, by doing so, I ma making this garter hers. I probably would have added the sequins if it were up to me, and that finishing touch would not have made this an awesome garter in the eyes of my bride.

Luckily, talking to people is my biggest talent. As a result, I've had a bride hug me on sight because she felt I cared about her wedding as much as she did (hi Michele!).  I've had friends of brides come back again and again to order gift certificates as a shower gift because they know I will take care of their friends (I'm looking at you Tiffany). I also have friends who tell me when I've strayed too far from myself trying to please a mass market (thank you, Amy. And Mom).

Will I be adding sequins to a future garter? Definitely!  Will I do it on a custom garter? Not without checking with my customer.  Because the best detail I can add to each creation starts with a simple "hello."


Mimi said...

Love the gray one. Very unique. usually see them at weddings only in blue or white.

Never A Plain Jane said...

Well, thank you , Mimi! I have to say, my brides do have very good taste.

botanical brouhaha said...

Love the honesty in this post. I know first-hand that you care SO much for your brides...and before that you cared SO much for OUR brides! Love you and miss you...and am so so proud of you!

Never A Plain Jane said...

Aw, thank you, Amy! I finally understand why you held me back all those times I wanted to "add just a little something." Love you too.

TerraNerda said...

Thanks for giving me fun stuff to look forward to! Whether it's spicy, sequined, or simple - they are awesome. I buy gift certificates because I know you would always go above and beyond to give some one something amazing and you have a way of looking into people's imaginations and figure out just what they want. And not to mention your wit, charm, and fabulous sensibility! Thank for inspiring me and givin me something to look forward to even if my budget doesn't let me buy all your amazing things!