Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Treasury Tuesday: Housewarming

So the plan was to make a wreath throughout the month of September and then have a big picture show of all our wreaths on October 4. Then my schedule got all whomper-jawed and I really didn't hear a lot from you guys on your wreaths so I haven't pushed the show-and-tell end of the deal.  However, a dear friend did write to tell me she was enjoying the wreath process immensely and was so happy to have rediscovered the stress relief that is crafting. Awww! Thank you! I haven't seen her finished wreath yet, but I definitely commend her choice of fall colors!

Now that I (and presumably you) have something to make your front door a little more inviting, I thought I'd share some ideas for making your house comfy, cozy, and equally as inviting for the autumn months.

Housewarming, a treasury by Never a Plain Jane Designs
Do you do anything to up the autumn in your home?

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