Monday, October 10, 2011

Let the rain fall down and wake my dreams

2005 RAIN installation by Stacee Kalmonovsky

All last week I was suffering from a head cold so I felt right at home throughout the rainy weekend.  I spent all week feeling cloudy, so why not enjoy some actual clouds.

Street Art by Vidor

I have mixed feeling about the rain. Sometimes I am the girl who feels the rain. Dances in it, even. But there are also days when I just get wet.  Like when I have to get my kid to gymnastics practice but she only moves at a snail's pace because she's "getting all wet!"

via First Time User

Right now, though, the rain makes me want to dance. The grass looks so fabulously, vividly green against the purple gray billows blowing past. Who wouldn't be inspired by that? If green and gray don't get your artistic juices flowing how about actual, you know, flowing?  Like the two-foot wide stream making rainbows in the oily street as it rushes toward the drain on the corner. And there are droplets everywhere acting like tiny magnifying glasses that reveal the crazy alien terrains on top of everyday things. There has to be a way to capture that with silk and crystals.

When Autumn Leaves Fall by Ginsui-rin

Then again, I'll need to take photos soon and rainy days never have the right light for good pictures.  As if I need any help taking bad photos.

Man with Umbrella by Joseph Hancock
Tell me, my dearest of dears, do you feel the rain or do you just get wet?

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