Thursday, October 6, 2011

Lashing out

The other day I got an e-mail from Sephora announcing their exclusive line of Paperself false eyelashes.

Deer and Butterfly Eyelashes

I adore whimsy, and I love playing with make-up, but I don't know...I am just not sure I could imagine donning any of these wen it isn't Halloween.

Of course, I do love all those shades between blue and green.

via The Berry

And oh, how Wonderland are these?

via Pinterest

I love the sparkle, but wouldn't these be heavy?

via Pinterest

I'm still on the fence. What say you, my darlings?  Could you, would you rock extreme false lashes any and everywhere?


bridechic said...

I used to have lashes so long folks asked if I was wearing falsies. Now, as the years have gone by, I have fewer and fewer and these look pretty good to me Halloween or not . . .

Never A Plain Jane said...

Maybe they're like clothes - with the right attitude you can rock anything!