Thursday, September 1, 2011

Square Wreath Craft-Along

When I mentioned a few days ago that we could do one of the projects on my to-do list together, I so wasn't kidding. Only two of you took me seriously, but hey, that's goo enough for me!  Two's company and three makes a craft-along.

Since this is my first time to lead a group project via la internet, we're gonna go easy. I decided to tackle the Scrappy Flower Wreath from Delia Creates.

Yeah, she totally has the directions on her blog already (click on the image above to see), but I'm planning to change a few things so you guys will have more options.  I'm pretty awesome like that.

Here's the tentative schedule:

Sept 1:   Announce craft-long (look, I'm on time for this one!)
Sept 6:   General supply list
Sept 13: Two flower tutorials
Sept 20: Two more flower tutorials
Sept 27: Assembly and finishing touches
Oct 4:    Show and tell

Y'all be thinking about the color combos you want for your wreath.  In fact, share them here! Also, let me know if there is a particular flower you are dying to learn. I have a few ideas, but you know I love your input.

So excited!


April Stilwell said...

oh yay!! I'm so excited! Can I do hot pink and lime green for Ninny's room??? :)

Never A Plain Jane said...

Absolutely! That'll look awesome! Maybe she'll even want to help.

TerraNerda said...

I shall have to check the supply list and see how much of each material I have - sadly that may determine my color choices. However, blue, yellow, touches of red would be fun. I am on an aqua/goldenrod/scarlet kick currently. So hopefully it will be something like a fun twist on primary colors.

TerraNerda said...

Oh and as far as the flowers go, I like the top center and the 2 next to it, but am game for anything! (my sewing machine is currently in storage, but I am good with a needle and thread most days). Thanks for having a craft-a-long; it gives me a reason to create!

Never A Plain Jane said...

I should have mentioned a sewing machine won't be required. Whoops! Also, when I post the general supply list I'll include good places to pick up fabric.

TerraNerda said...

Awesome! You rock! You think of such nice added options to help folks on a budget :-).