Monday, September 5, 2011

Oughtn't it be autumn?

Today is Labor Day! You know that day that traditionally marks the end of summer - the day after which you can't wear white and the evening air starts to get a little bite to it. Except, that's not really happening around here.

I know, I know, just last week I was showing off a fall wishlist and here I am wondering where the heck fall is.  I want want to work with pretty plaid wools and jewel-toned corduroy.  I even have fun plans for cozy felt.  But I just can't seem to design "fall" when my kid is still begging me to let her swim so she can cool off.

Fall tree ideal vs. my fall so far

Ideal fall footwear vs. necessary evil (although these are pretty cute)

Ideal way to start a fall day vs. still sippin' my summer brew

I'm sure I shouldn't complain...but I do. Come on fall, get thyself to Florida! I'm ready for my studio to stay cool enough to work in come 2:00 in the afternoon.

What about you, my darlings? Are you hanging on to summer as long as you can or are you ready to fall into a new season?

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bridechic said...

Here in Nor Cal summer often lasts till Oct 31. Still don't we all look forward to windy dusks and cider by the fireplace?