Thursday, June 2, 2011

(un)Straight Stitch

Last week when I started talking about techniques Alyssa left this brilliant comment:
I have very few sewing skills, other than what I make up as I go. I often find myself gazing longingly at my sewing machine wishing that I felt more confident. One skill that I have been working on lately though, is testing out different automatic stitch patterns (I'm sure there is a technical name for these) on my machine to make cute cards/paper goods. You should try it!
Oh my gosh, duh!  I should totally try that. I don't really know why I haven't.

So this week, I got all geared up to make a stitch sampler with my fabric du jour starting with the basic straight stitch. Except, my straight stitch wasn't straight.

Do you see how wonky it is?  Like a wave? No amount a of needle changing or tension adjusting changed it.  Is this normal?  I just had my machine serviced in April so surely there isn't something out of whack....Right?

Has this happened to anyone else?


Kathryn said...

Oh my gosh! My brand new machine had a freak out like this this morning! The underneath side was all loopy and crazy too. I unscrewed and unbolted that thing to within an inch of its life, put it all back together and turns out the bobbin just wasn't threaded correctly. That doesn't look like your problem though, does it. So I am officially of no use...

Sew Bee It Clothier said...

My advice would be to rethread the threads AND bobbin. Check to be sure that the needle is inserted correctly, too. Is the thread on the thread spool flowing freely?
These are just some must do check points when a stitch has gone awry!
Good luck Janice!