Wednesday, June 1, 2011

It is summer. Do you have the blues?

In case you somehow missed the thousand other bloggers telling you, this past Monday was Memorial Day. I should have blogged. I would have blogged.  But I didn't because I was at the beach on Honeymoon Island soaking up enough sand and waves for two (because Ben was performing his military duty and could not be there). And I tell you what.

It gave me the blues!

Or, rather, it gave me the blues again.  But seriously, my lovelies, how could you look at this for a few hours and not want to capture it?

Honeymoon Island (photos by me!)

There's something like eight shades of blue just begging me to get inspired. Well played, Florida, well played.

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botanical brouhaha said...

Holy Moly!! I'm SOOO jealous. Nothing I love more than those ocean blues...

Now I have the blues...for real!