Friday, June 24, 2011

For every girl, a garter

Several weeks ago one of my high school chums contacted me about making a garter for her cousin. This particular friend is an amazing sewist so you can imagine how flattered I was that she wanted me to make something so special.  And then she made me really sad. She requested a specific design replicating the garters her Noni used to make, adding "I know it's not one of your glamorous garters but my sentimental side caught up with me..."

What! No no no no no! I fear I have been misleading you all this whole time.  Sure, my designs are a little different, but classic is glamorous.  Case in point, check out this gorgeous Perry Estate gown circa 1908:

Hand-embroidered sheer cotton gown

I dare you to tell me that isn't glamorous! Just look at that train! And those sleeves!

And here is the equally classic and glamorous, if I do say so myself, Noni garter by Never a Plain Jane Designs:

Dupioni silk, ivory lace, and double faced satin
And when it comes to underpinnings, please tell me how this could be anything but glamorous!

Anne Francis
And the Noni garter:

Okay, so are we all clear now? Vintage is beautiful, classic is glamorous, and sentiment is Never Plain!

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