Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Treasury Tuesday

It occurs to me that for the past several weeks I've been showing you all sorts of treasuries without really explaining their import. See, I'm such an Etsy junkie that I can't fathom life without it so it rarely occurs to me that there are people out there with, you know, actual lives.

Etsy treasuries are important for a number of reasons. Mostly it comes down to exposure.  For instance, when I make a treasury I feature it on my blog, link to it on my Facebook page, post it on one or both of my team discussion threads, and send notification to all sixteen featured shop owners. That's a fair amount of traffic and we're just talking about my network.  If any of the featured artists tweet, post, or blog about being in that treasury the possible resulting link backs to the treasury (and possibly my shop) are pretty substantial.

And then!

Then!...then there is the holy grail of Etsy treasuries: making it to the front page. As in, the page that comes up when you go to the Etsy main page.  The page seen by thousands of people each hour. Can't you just hear the choir raising their voices?

No one really knows everything that goes into getting a treasury on the front page.  There is some sort of magical math, positive and negative pressure, a "hotness" gauge, and points. I do know that the number of visits to a treasury increases said treasury's value.

And that's where you, my darlings, come in. Each Tuesday when I present my weekly treasury here:

Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister
...I want you to click on the photo (because it is actually a link) and visit it at its Etsy home. Maybe click on something you like. If you are feeling wild, leave a comment.

Without you, dear readers, my blog and shop don't really amount to much.  And if they don't amount to much, well, the internet is just that much more plain.

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