Monday, May 16, 2011

Janice + Creating: a love story

Each week I read at least two creator interviews (such as Quit Your Day Job or Creative Biz Success) and almost always is a question along the lines of "what got you started in creating _____?" Well, if inquiring minds want to know, I see no reason to make them ask.

It all started with a box of crayons.
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I am an only child so there was often a need for me to amuse myself. Don't get me wrong, I had little neighborhood friends to play with, and my mom was awesome at doing Barbie's voice. Daddy often made time for kite flying and playing catch.  But sometimes nobody was available to play and I was on my own.  This meant my imagination got plenty of good exercise and my crayons often needed to be resharpened. I loved to color. It was my life's pursuit to color inside the lines and in shades true to reality for many many years. In fact, there is a photo of two-year-old me happily coloring at my parent's wedding reception.

As far as I am concerned, coloring is a gateway drug.

In pre-school I learned how to use scissors and glue. Barbie resented those scissors (and her new cropped haircut). But oh, the joy of cutting up construction paper and gluing it down. Soon I moved to gluing other things, like tissue paper and seashells. Cut to high school when I became an avid scrapbooker.

Despite my love for crayons and glue, I stank at paper art.  I cannot draw and my scrapbook layouts always left something to be desired. I occasionally turned to sewing, but nothing too hardcore.

Then, I went to work for Bliss Flower Studio.  I know, I know;  I bring up Bliss all the time.  I seriously loved that job.  Amy has the most discerning taste in ribbons so working for her is when I got my first real taste of sumptuous fabrics. And, oh, the flowers!  The color palettes! And on top of it all: the intense satisfaction of almost instantly beautiful results. A snip, a twist, some glue or wire and - voila! - pretty pretty things.

Almost a year exactly after my time with Bliss was over, I was invited to a wedding shower.  For my gift, I made the bride a garter set.

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When she opened it there was chorus of flattering ooos and ahs. Someone said "You should sell these!" Something clicked. 

You mean, I should make pretty things with rich fabrics? Done!

And, so far, creating and I are looking happily at the ever after.

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