Monday, May 30, 2011

For every girl, a garter

Yeah, I know,this post is late. Very late. See I had a very specific idea about the dress I wanted to post today.  I'm sure it is hard to tell, but I am somewhat neurotic. "No!" you say. "Gasp!" you exhale.  But I assure you, my dearests, I am more tightly wound than I may at first seem. But now you can understand how I lost three hours to scouring the internet for the dress I knew I had seen on some website sometime in the last few weeks.

While that one dress remains elusive, my search did yield some pretty fantastic finds. This Marchesa gown in particular caught my eye:

Serafina from the Marchesa Spring 2011 line

Earlier this week I had a client ask for a custom garter based on my Love in Bloom design.  She mentioned that her dress was sheer but that it would be okay if the garter was slightly visible underneath. What fun! I don't know the design of her dress, and even if I did I wouldn't want to ruin the surprise before her big day.

What I do know is that this garter would be so flirtatiously sweet just peeking out rom under the bodice of that Marchesa.

Love Blooms in You garter

I love the idea of pairing such a romantic garter and its innocent pink petals with an almost risque gown.

I love knowing what you think! Would you make that match or are garters meant for bedroom eyes only?

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