Friday, March 4, 2011

For Every Girl, A Garter

I took a little time off from matching garters with dresses so I could expand my inventory.  Now that I've added a few new beauties to my Etsy shop  the games can resume!

Check out this Valentino:
Metis Gown
I can only find the site in Italian so I hope I am giving you good information. I beleive the Metis Gown is part of a line designed by Valentino for Julia Sposa.  If anyone reads Italian and wants to correct me (or add additional info) my feelings will certainly not be hurt.

There is something so chic yet romantic about this dress.  I don't know if it is the lace or that gorgeous bateau neckline. And then those sleeves! So elegant!

If I am ever lucky enough to have a bride pair one of my garters with a Valentino gown, which do you think she should choose?
Something blue featuring vintage ivory lace
An equestrian inspired garter
A garter equal to the dress in romance and elegance
It feels good to be playing our garter game again! I'm excited to hear your thoughts on some of my newer designs and cannot wait to see which you would pick.  Don't forget to tell me why!

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