Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Finding Inspiration - The Sea

Ever since I got Jenny's save the date I have been dreaming about beach-inspired weddings. Okay, actually I've just been dreaming about the beach.  Right now it is raining here and, since it is Wednesday, you are probably stuck at work. So let's take a little dream-cation and look at some beach-inspired lovelies.

These are invitations but wouldn't this also be a cute idea for a seating chart?

Starfish invitations

Mmmm, beachy wedding photos at dusk. So romantic.

Puerta Vallarta Wedding
Thanks, Amy, for sharing the link to Mike and Grace's wedding. You were right, all the photos were just lovely. Everyone else, you must visit Sarah Yates Photography Blog to see more photos of this dreamy wedding.

How about this ring bearer starfish also found via Amy?

original image from Botanica Floral Designs
 I love that you and I see a chic and unique ring "pillow." Amy? Amy sees little boys in tuxedos armed with ninja throwing stars!

Okay, enough day dreaming.  As soon as the rest of my supplies come in I can get back to work on Jenny's garter.  Wanna see what I've done so far?

What about the beach inspires you - the colors, the waves, schools of pretty little fish?

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botanical brouhaha said...

Oh my made me laugh! You're right, I see everything through my "mom of boys" filter!

What inspires me about the sea...warm salty air, sand on my feet, the sound of the waves, the turquoise hues and spending relaxing days with the people I love...I was meant to live on the beach so remind me again how I ended up in Central Texas?!