Thursday, December 9, 2010

Happy Holidays to Me

I don't know what economy the rest of you are living in, but mine is a little inhibiting this holiday season. In truth, I love giving presents but getting them is less important. I know it sounds trite, but it is true. Still, if everyone had a million dollars to spend this is what I'd want to be showered with.
I have wanted a Clarisonic for at least a year. This past weekend I was talking to my new hair stylist about it and it turns out she has one. Her skin is gorgeous and she confirmed the pure awesomeness of this little gadget.
Clarisonic Classic

Since we're talking about luxury, I'd adore a year of these:
Deep Tissue Massage
It seems like none of my jeans fit these days.  And since I wear them all the time, I want something high end that'll last me a while.
The Provocateur by Joe's Jeans
I adore boots and this year I'm looking for a pair in gray.
Nine West Harmon Boot
Calvin Klein Logan Boot
Nine West Spool Boot
Yeah, all that stuff is more than a bit pricey. That's why it is called a wish list. What kind of caviar dreams are dancing in your head this month?

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botanical brouhaha said...

A trip to the beach and a new Toyota Sienna...that makes a pair of jeans and boots look downright affordable!