Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Grand Duchess

The greatest thing happened last night. I was promoted to a leadership position for my Etsy team! How awesome is that! Our team captain, Glamazombie selected me because of how thorough I am. Wee! The team page says I'm a leader, but I've elected to call myself the Grand Duchess. For my first act as Grand Duchess, I happily introduce my Etsy team:
We also have a Facebook page. It is new and small but we have a lot of talent so I'm sure we'll fill it up  fast. Want to see some of the great stuff we make?  Of course you do!
Glamazombie customizes cases for just about any type of electronic. She knows that for 2011 sparkles are the new black. I'm willing to bet you totally know someone who would die for a purple crystal-studded cell phone case:
Custom Girly Phone Case
DestinationDesign is my other co-leader. Rumor has it she has tons of good ideas for the team.  If her team ideas are anything like her creations we are in for a really good time:

Beautiful and Elegant Camelia Ring
SamMcCain joins us from the UK. I'm a bit of a xenophile so I loved her before I even saw her work. But then I got a glimpse of these earrings and totally swooned:
Ava Earrings
I'm so absolutely excited about this team and what I will gain from being a part of it. We have 10 other members (so far) that I'll be introducing over the next few weeks.  If you get a chance to check out their shops please stop back by and let me know what you'll be adding to your wish list.

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