Monday, November 22, 2010

Life's a picnic

Internet, it has finally happened.  I have been chosen to host Thanksgiving. I'm not so much petrified as I am stressed to the point of being unable to hold still. Luckily, I have my very own Ben. He keeps me calm, handles every situation gracefully, and, knowing our kitchen table only seats four, he built this:
The weather here is so temperate, we are planning to feast outside! Can you imagine? And now we have a nice, roomy table at which to enjoy our family and our food.
 In fact, Emily is out there right now with her friend, Angelina, putting the table to the test.
Yeah, you totally wish you had a Ben of your very own.

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botanical brouhaha said...

Yea, that Ben's the bomb! Hope ya'll have a great outdoor Thanksgiving. Miss you...