Thursday, November 4, 2010

Find Inspiration In...Doodles

Ack!  Right on the heels of me joining her Find Inspiration In... project, Nicole of Three by the Sea had to take a blogging hiatus (of sorts). Of course we all understand the limits of only getting 24 hours a day, but oh the timing!

Don't worry, though.  I quickly found a way to make good on my new weekly project announcement.  (I mean, once you say it on Facebook you pretty much have to do it.) So this morning I went to Google and clicked the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button. Boy was I ever. Lucky, that is.  Google returned with "doodles." Awesome!

So I went to a random number generator and generated 143. And the 143rd doodle on the Google page for doodle image results is...

This doodle and many many others can be found at delirium, a place for illustrations, doodles and all sorts of other graphic goodies.

So go forth! Be inspired! And meet me back here on Wednesday to see what I come up with. In fact, bring your projects with you.  I'd love to see what this doodle inspires you to do. 

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Nicole : Three By Sea said...

Oh, Janice, you are great! I'm so sorry I didn't indicate yesterday that I would be posting an assignment this week. I admire you picking up the baton and running with it though. I wrote about you in this week's post, as well as linked back to your posts related to the "Find Inspiration In..." assignments.