Friday, October 22, 2010


There has been someone new flitting about our house lately. She is rather small, has a lot to say, and is capable of making very big messes. Would you like to meet her? Then please allow me to introduce you to:
Natalia Sassypants Gatlin Bear Madison
After weeks of cleaning Honey's litter box on a daily basis, Emily accumulated enough points to get her very own kitty. We chatted for a couple of days about the responsibilities of a pet owner and spent some time looking at photos on the website of a local shelter. And after what seemed like an eternity to Emily (but was actually only two days) she and Ben went to pick up her new kitty.
Emily took great care in choosing her outfit for adoption day
 Emily's first choice actually fell through, but I don't think she minds.
 She was slightly displeased with the rather plain "Natalia" as a name, but she managed to jazz it up a bit for the adoption paperwork.

As for the kitty, she was right at home within the first 24 hours.

 She loves her new mama and her new toys.
She also loves to play in her litter box - ewwwwww.

Unfortunately, we have someone who does not love Natalia.
Honey, sulking atop the mattresses in my workroom.
Hopefully it is just a matter of time.

Natalia chilling behind a door while Honey hisses in the wings.

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