Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Busy busy busy

I've been pretty bee-like lately which is why it has been a week since you last heard from me. I have about a thousand things to do and at least a hundred I want to tell you about.  Alas, I still only get a daily allotment of 24 hours. I thought perhaps I'd share some of my to-dos with you so you can help keep me accountable.

1. I need to turn this:
into this:
in time for Halloween.

2. I have to make chair pockets for Emily's classroom.

3. I am still working to make NPJ Design headquarters look less like this:
and more like:
Heather Bailey
4. I'm always working on unique designs for this place:
Plus I need to honor my pledge.

5. Because she earned it, we'll be taking Emily to get another one of these:

I once read you should never put more than five things on your to-do list lest you get overwhelmed, but I'm pretty sure you guys all know my list is never limited to just five things. I mean there's the cooking and cleaning, homework with Em, blog reading, blog writing, techniques to learn. See? Bee-like.

But you know the best part of being busy? It makes it even better when I take a break for a moment like this:

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