Saturday, July 31, 2010

Gaining some skeels

The pending move to Tampa has put me into to sewing overdrive here lately. Not so much because of my new found need to make curtains but because I an eager to develop my skills (or skeels, as they say on the street). Without an Emily here this summer to enjoy fashionable new clothes of the homemade variety, I decided to make gifts.
A few months ago, you may remember, I developed an obsession with the blog of one Ms. Ashley Johnston. I was inspired to make many of her projects but got around to only a few, one of which was the making of a seat belt cover to make Emily a little more comfortable during errands and whatnot. But what does that have to do with moving and gifts? Well, I've met some really great people here and, before I go, I wanted to tell them how much I appreciate the ways they taken care of me by giving them something that'll help them care for their kids. So:
The smaller ones are for the skinny double straps of a stroller or carseat while the bigger one is for the regular seatbelt of a big kid in a booster. See, nice and cushy:
I made this set for my replacement at the law office.  She is a precious woman who is just smitten with her two New York-based grandsons. I thought I did okay picking out fun boy material but when I showed Ben, the look on his face said it is a good thing we have a girl!