Sunday, July 18, 2010

The House Hunt (part last - sort of)

Luckily, everyone who is not me has a level head.  Jessica immediately pulled up local rental listings and Ben handed me the folder with all of our house search notes. We were able to find two houses worth looking at and both were available to be seen that afternoon.

We only made it to one.

Originally, this was not a house that had made it onto our short list despite some pretty great features.  There was just something about the color of this bedroom that made us turn our noses up at the whole house:
But, you guys... This place is amazing. Way better than we ever could have hoped.
Here's the front which is, I kid you not, across the street from the elementary school.  I can walk Emily every day.

And this is the back deck. It and this:
back up to a quiet golf course with plenty of walking trails. Let's go inside shall we? We could use the front door, but wouldn't it be great if there were a staircase up to a balcony right off the master bedroom?

Well look at that! I can already smell the coffee for lazy weekend mornings up here. Ans actually, after seeing it in person, Ben has really taken to that previously off-putting shade of green. We are allowed to paint and I'm sure we'll consider it in a few places, but I can't focus on that right noe because I'm dreaming of this bathroom:

I don't think it is visible, but that shower has more than one shower-head. That bears repeating. THE SHOWER HAS MORE THAN ONE SHOWER HEAD! And after my shower I can pick my clothes out in this cedar-lined walk-in closet:
And put my makeup on at the built-in vanity:
But there is a life outside the bedroom. I mean a girl's gotta eat. And my family could probably do with some food too. I'm pretty sure my Adventures in Cooking are about to become more frequent now that I'll have this to work in:
There's a sprayer on that sink! And those are corian countertops! And that is a tile backsplash!Behind the kitchen you can see the entry into a formal dining room (maybe an office for us?). We can have barstools at the counter and a breakfast table on this side of it where we can gae at the pool

Internet, I never's just so...WE'RE GONNA LIVE IN A HOUSE. We hope.  Things are not final yet, but the homeowners (who renovated this themselves, by the way) loved us and their sweet British real estate agent told us everything looked "brilliant!"

So this, I hope, concludes the house hunt and my next update involving this place will be all about us moving in and making it as much our own as we can.



Donna said...

It looks wonderful.

Mrs. Limestone said...

Congrats on finding something you're really happy about. Who wouldn't love a closet that large?