Wednesday, February 17, 2010

If I were a painter, I would paint my reverie

In December dear, sweet Amy at Botanical Brouhaha did a post about the inspiring fuchsia and teal tones of the following photos from the Blush Floral Design Blog:

Well, Amy wasn't the only one who found herself inspired. I too love that color palette, but I live in an unpaintable apartment. With a man. A man who loves reds and deep blues. Don;t get me wrong, that boy of mine does more to make me happy than I am willing to admit, but I just can't ask him to live in tea party heaven. Yet.  Now the one who has no desire to decorate for my pleasure would be little Miss Emily. Her room is her room. Mo-om. So much for that avenue to living my pink-tinted dreams.  Oh well.

Luckily, or unluckily, my favorite silk skirt from the way back time when I went to high school finally kaputted.  I've repaired it so many times it threatened to strangle me if I didn't let it retire.  I couldn't give it up, though. Hey, I bought that skirt with my first pay check! And it is so pretty.

So there are Amy/Blush's photos, a spare skirt and my button collection...

Hmmm. Well that was kind of a long build up for a poorly taken photograph. Perhaps a close-up.

Well, despite the amateur photography, I was really pleased with my little A. It felt great to put that color palette to good use and find another way to get mileage out of that skirt!  I think I know someone who else who can find a way to enjoy it as well.

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botanical brouhaha said...

Could you be referring to me?! Love, love, love the thought behind it and love, love the sweet designer! You're the best!