Saturday, February 20, 2010

I go out walking after midnight, out in the moonlight

Oh memory lane. Let me roll my eyes while they get misty. Then I'll laugh at my hair.

I've been scrapbooking the way back time (senior year). See, I finished doing Band Banquet:
It's okay, you can laugh too. Sausage curls are never really a good choice. Ever. Really.

At this particular dance I received the best kiss I'd ever had.  I think he felt it too. Not much ever came of it. I mean, not much outside of normal teenage turmoil. It was one of the first events held at the new Rec Center. My mom came to see...actually I'm not sure what she was there for. I didn't receive an award or anything, but I know she came and I was happy about it. It was, in general, your typical high school awards banquet and dance.It was a good time, but it didn't really end anything and it didn't really start anything.

And then ten years went by and it started a walk down memory lane several after midnights in a row. See, shortly after my senior year Band Banquet, Jesse and I started dating. We got married. We bought a house. I started blogging. All those blog posts are still archived right here on this very blog.  This has actually been a subject about which I am consistently of two minds. On one hand, I have a different life with a different man in a different state. Do I really want all those earlier events floating around so close to the story I want to tell today?  On the other hand, life happened. All the stuff that happened eight years ago and five years ago, in 2006 and last Tuesday act like my opening credits.  It's my story.  Do I want to act like it was all just stuff to be put in a box and stored somewhere out of the light?  Memories are funny things.  They change with time.  The stuff I write keeps each memory intact even if I can't relate to the author anymore. So, they stay.

That's kind of a lot of mileage for one night in sausage curls. On the very bright side, I still fit into that banquet dress ten years later.

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