Monday, August 31, 2009

Rain clouds and a cold. It must be Monday.

Three months. That's how long I've lived here. The summer is drawing to a close rather more quickly than I ever remember it doing in Texas. We are giving it a pretty good send off, though.

One Mr. David C. Caray (What does that other C stand for anyway? My guess is Christopher, but that seems too average.) came to visit. I got his trip off to a fabulous start by getting lost while leaving the airport. Let's face it, we are not true friends until you have been white-knuckled in my car as I narrowly avoid other vehicles and random inanimate objects while trying to figure out where I am. It's a good time. Really.

Dave arrived on Thursday followed by my husband on Friday and then the weekend. Saturday's weather was DE-LIGHT-FUL! We had to go to the beach before fall got here. We just had to. The boys decided we also had to grill bratwurst at the beach. HAD TO. It was just that kind of day. The waves were huge. What does that mean? It means I chased my kiddo all over the sand while Ben and Dave threw themselves at the waves. The ocean definitely gave them a beating, but they insist they "gave as good as they got." Yeah, I'm sure the big sea will think twice before tossing you about next time.

We returned home in a complete state of sand-covered exhaustion. Emily got the first bath which gave Dave enough time to invent Hennefress. It is a blend of Hennesey and Fresca served on the rocks. It is delightfully refreshing until you swallow and are hit with the indescribable aftertaste. Needless to say, our day at the beach had not left Dave in his right mind. After the remaining members of the household showered and Michelle, the babysitter from paradise, arrived me, Ben and Dave drove to The Winehouse in Ghent for a date with the Oberlins and some cats called Jenny and Matt. I won't lie, we rocked out to Sinatra and Flogging Molly the entire drive. The food was so good, the wine was good, the Mojito was A-MAZING, and the company kept me laughing. Jenny was hilarious. Ben, sadly, was a little sun sick so he interacted as much as he could, but did not have nearly the good time I had. By the way, thanks again for dinner and the drinks Dave!

Sadly, the sunshine has now been replaced by rain and I can barely breathe thanks to the thousand pounds of snot in my sinuses. Ugh, it must be Monday. And fall.

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