Monday, January 5, 2009

New but not too new

I'm not sure everyone noticed but it is 2009. In the tradition of starting a new year, I've made a few resolutions. I tried to not go overboard as that usually leads to failure. Still, I'm looking for my life to change drastically so I thought I might help it along with some changes of my own.
To start, I'd like to be a better parent. In general I've settled for doing the best I can. There's a lot of muddling through that goes with this. I think maybe this year I'll aim a little higher. I'm thinking part of this better parenting deal is going to involve being smarter than my kid. Do you know how hard it is to be smarter than a four-year-old? Try it some time. It is not unlike polishing a turd. There is a similar amount of poo involved though.
I think also I'd like a better body please. This is an entirely too overdone resolution, but I like the classics. For one, keeping in better shape will help me with the first resolution. One cannot just be smarter than a four-year-old, she must also be faster. Plus, have you seen my husband? HOT! In case you live under a rock, I snagged myself an Officer and a Gentleman. One who maintains the Navy Seal fitness regime. I could wash clothes on his abs. While this is really too much information for anyone who is not me and would embarrass him to no end, I'm sure you can all see why physical perfection is suddenly a priority. I slipped into a pair of his jeans the other day and they FIT ME. He's a good 8 inches taller than I so this will not do. I'd very much like my own set of ripped abs and firm buttocks thank you very much.
Finally, I'd like to be a better blogger. Note, I did not say more frequent - let's not be ridiculous. I'd simply like to turn out a more enjoyable product when I do actually blog. If I am reading this with my kid 10 years from now, I'd like to not be bored. It'd also be nice if my typing and grammar, once again, could exceed in quality that of my four-year-old.
So there you have it. My nice succinct list of resolutions. Further shortened it comes down to: more better, more better, more better. Yeah, I can do that.

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