Thursday, November 12, 2015

Jane Opts Out

Remember when the fam and I relocated from Tampa, Florida to Springfield, Virginia on account of Ben's job and the general awesomeness of the greater DC area? That was almost two-and-a-half years ago! Two. And a half. Years.

And, recent events have led me to believe we have less than a year before we're marveling at the general awesomeness of a completely different region.

But, wait! I don't feel as though I've really done Virginia yet. Yeah, I've covered the museums. And I've graced The Kennedy Center with my presence for a few productions. Many clothing stores, several antique shoppes, and a good number of restaurants have endured my patronage. But the actual state of Virginia has all but escaped my attentions.

This is especially sad because I work for REI (yeah, who would've thunk it?).

REI Woodbridge, VA

Also, Virginia is gorgeous.

So it's about time I embrace the culture of REI Woodbridge (and everybody - EVERYBODY - I work with) and adopt the latest trend to Opt Out(side).

I'm making a list, which will probably be revised, of activities I just have to do before I vacate the state. So far, I have 10 activities penciled in:
  1. Play disc golf
  2. Go on a hike that includes a rock scramble
  3. Go camping
  4. Participate in a local stewardship project
  5. Try Stand Up Paddle-boarding
  6. Kayak
  7. Rock climb
  8. Learn to navigate with a map and compass
  9. Repel
  10. Plant an edible garden
Obviously, some of these will have to wait for spring. Luckily, our fall has been temperate thus far so I can jump right into the outdoors. I'm open to any suggestions and recommendations too.

I am also open to you wishing me luck. My biography contains quite the list of injuries I sustained when not being adventurous.

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