Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Baby, it is cold outside

Like really cold. I apparently should have been training for this sort of weather because my body is not conditioned for the cold. Nope.

We got our first snow in December; an early winter in DC terms.

Some of us were more excited about it than others.

By the end of January we'd had more than 7 seven inches of snow and maxed out the allotted number of snow days for our school district. Internet,snow days are only fun one day at a time. Four consecutive days of school closures equals too many hours of a stir crazy child. I hit my limit about three days before she did.

Sure, it looks all beautiful and romantic, but really it is cold and wet. And more cold. With a side of ice. It looks like Narnia up in here!

And now The Washington Post is projecting another 5 to 14 (14!!!!!) inches before the end of this week. Good thing Emily thinks shoveling snow is a type of fun.

Also, she acquired this really awesome hat.

Smiles make everything awesome. Even snow days.

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