Monday, March 4, 2013

A Tisket, a tasket

My bike now has a basket!
For Valentine's Day, Ben gave me a coupon redeemable for the bike accessory of my choice! I love that guy.

I need want a lot of things for my Celia - panniers, a new saddle, a bell - but I settled on a basket. And not just any basket; the perfect basket. Isn't it classic?

That's the Sunlight Bamboo QR basket, available here. It has a quick-release design and a snazzy leather strap so I can pop it off and take it into the store with me. Love that!

The Sunlight is not, by far, the only basket out there.

Here are a few of the contenders.

Nantucket Tapered/D-Shaped Basket, $60 at Heritage General Store

Brooks Hoxton Wire Basket, $160 at Brooks England LTD.

Eleven81 Wooden Birdcage Basket $70 at Universal Cycles

Kate Spade Picnic Bike Basket, $325 via The Little House in the City

These babies are definitely eye-catching, but not quite my taste.

Pop-Up Bicycle Basket, $75 at Mio Culture

Reel customizable storage triangle from Yeong Keun and Aareum Jeong

Carrie Bike Basket, $70.00 from Relish

Shopping for bike accessories is ridiculously fun. Next up: grocery shopping with my new accessory. Wee!

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