Monday, December 10, 2012

Soft, Snuggly, Sleepy Spaces

Internet, this is day eight of me being sick. Poor Ben has it now too which means Emily has been stuck in a house of sick people for over a week.  Do you know what it is like to be a vivacious eight-year-old trapped in the land of sniffles and naps?  Boring, that's what. Poor kid.

Then there's poor me.  While I want to be making holiday gifts, wrapping presents, and being generally merry, I can only muster enough energy to accomplish about an hour of productive work each day. The rest of the time I want to sleep. Sleeeeep. So I found for you, some photos of lovely spaces here I'd gladly rest my weary, stuffed up head.

In the fresh air and dappled sunlight
via Pinterest

In a warm bubble bath
via Pinterest

Upon velvet in a dream-worthy hue
Portobello Chair and 1/2 by Rachel Ashwell

Among rose petals
via Londonrose

While dreaming gypsy dreams
via we <3 it

And, of course, between the cool white sheets of a sweetly chic bed
via Brunch at Saks

Sweet dreams...

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