Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Wear it and Work it, a Photo Montage

I think we can all agree that there is a lot of choices out there when it comes to fashion, for better or worse. You all know my thoughts on tights as pants. But, so you know, there's a difference between inappropriate or slovenly and stuff that I just don't care to wear.  There are plenty of people out there owning their particular look and I love that!  So today, I put together a little photo montage ladies rocking looks I love and looks I don't.

One is never too young for a classic LBD ensemble. Via La Dolce Vita.

This is my cousin, Tiffany.  She is at such ease in anything she puts on that every outfit look she dons looks rockin-fabulous. This chick has mad style. Check it.

Yup, that's my girl. modeling, modeling, and chilling on a boat (not modeling but still modeling, you know?). Oh, and did I mention she sells some of that style? She does. So go get you some.

Vintage, bold, glam via Keiko Lynn

Emily in 2007, blissfully proud of the way this bathing suit shows off her belly.

Suzannah playfully All-American in her Yellow Wedges and DIY lighthouse-print dress.
Fabulous without threads. Fashionable starts with those smiles. Via A Study of Feminine Beauty.

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