Friday, July 6, 2012

Move to London?

Wow, that's a question isn't it? Don't get too excited for me, though. That's just what my computer asked when I wanted to move photos from my camera to a folder I had just created. You know, that folder. The one I made to hold the photos from MY TRIP TO LONDON. LONDON.


I'm the luckiest girl in the world and don't I know it! Ben had scheduled a trip "across the pond" and he asked me to come with. Of course I said no, but he twisted my arm. It was whirlwind of a trip so I can only offer you a whirlwind tour. Ready?

The Digs

Our logistic needs made it necessary for us to stay right in the middle of everything. We were forced to lodge at the super swanky Royal Horseguards Hotel. Oh Internet, I kid you not; there were doormen in top hats, chandeliers, afternoon tea, and amazing views. Check it.

The Fare

Let me start with three words: Deep. Fried. Brie. That's what I ordered for my very first meal in London. It was delightful in every way you are currently imagining; especially with the sweet onion chutney. But not as good as the sticky toffee pudding served with vanilla bean ice cream. Mmmm. I also discovered a taste for Pimms and Fuller's Honey Dew beer (not at the same time. ew.)

The Sights

Besides all the gorgeous architecture there is, obviously, a lot to see in London. We managed to spot the Eye, stroll past Buckingham Palace, tour the Tower of London with a side of London Bridge, be awed by Westminster Abby and Big Ben, and stop in both The National Gallery and the British Museum. And did I mention Scotland Yard was directly across the street? My photos barely do anything to show off the beauty of these places. I'm not actually sure a professional photographer could really capture them, though. They are all that amazing.

The Shopping

Sure there's plenty of culture and history and acts of foreign diplomacy (or something) but there is also an amazeballs selection of stores that demand attention. My budget was small, but I managed to buy a flirty Karen Millen dress that makes my body look like it was Photoshopped for the cover of Elle. I also spent some time in the oldest department store in London. Perhaps you know about Liberty? Yes, the Liberty of London.

The Charm

The attention to detail and sense of pride all over the city was awe-inspiring. Everything, everything, in London was so clean. Okay, the pay toilets were lacking, but I only had to resort to those once. Elsewhere, the woodwork looked freshly waxed and polished, and the flower boxes were pruned. Row after row of shops had arresting window displays while patisseries displayed frosted flaky goodness in shining glass cases. Even the post office boxes and trash receptacles were charming.

Our four day jaunt in London was both more than I could have hoped and nowhere near enough. All too soon it was time to leave.

Good-bye, London! I miss you already.


Jenny N said...

Love London! So glad you went!

TerraNerda said...

So very awesome! I expect pictures of this recently purchased dress soon (we won't count it against your homemade summer challenge, as you were in another country!) Thanks for the great blog about the land across the big pond.