Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Around the 'Net

spider and the inter-web

I have been a busy little spider, skittering hither and thither on the web.

Tooling Around on Scoutie Girl

Now we're cooking! Photo via TheKitchn

Scoutie Girl has a sleek new look that makes it super easy to navigate. You know, so you can more easily find me Tooling Around over there. Okay, some of the other posts might strike your fancy as well.

Shining the Spotlight at Wed Eclectic

Krissy Cartwright's shop postcard.

I have recently been chosen to head up the Member Spotlight Interview Series for the Wed Eclectic team blog. I get to talk with some really amazing artisans each month, and spread the gospel of handmade, homemade, and offbeat! Did I mention I am actually affiliated with these superstars?

Flitting and Fluttering about Etsy's Treasury Tool

A Never a Plain Jane winged treasury

Trying my Hand at Pinteresting Styles

Bantu Knots tutorial via Perfect Locks

Maybe two days after I tweeted this tutorial a friend of mine e-mailed me photos of her attempt to get those tousled, wavy locks.  It went...not well. But I couldn't let her show me up, I had to try it too!

Bantu at bedtime
First attempt to style my knot outs
Second try at styling my knot outs
There is definitely a reason those photos were Instagrammed. Bantu knots are, a. either a two-person job; b. suited for long and/or thick hair; c. all of the above. I think I'll try again when Emily is home and my friend, Sarah, comes for a visit. We'll have a bantu knot party and other general silliness. It'll be grand.

So there you have it, what I've been spinning about the web.  Where have you been toiling lately?

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