Monday, April 23, 2012

Mud Crusade, Conquered!

I am bruised, battered, and sore but oh so happy.  You guys, I killed the Mud Crusade. Killed. It. Not only did I run the entire 5K, I completed every single obstacle.  Let me say that again.

I attempted and COMPLETED all 19 obstacles. 

The high point for me was definitely the monkey bars - ahem - the "Herculean Crossbars." My sweet Emily took me to her playground several weeks ago to train me in getting a good start and on how to swing my legs to get better momentum. When I finished those bars without falling I was ready to rule the world. What a feeling!

I totally understand how this woman feels! Photo via Dade City News Facebook page.

In the weeks leading up to the race I was most nervous about climbing up and over the cargo net, but it was a pretty minor obstacle when all was said and done.

Cargo Climb obstacle. Photo by Lix Shimak-Taylor

I actually had the most trouble with the huge water slide.  Apparently, fast descents freak me out. I did it, though, with little hesitation.  In the future I have to remember to close my mouth and my eyes, and blow out through my nose during the splashdown. Today I am still blowing a  copious amount of mud out of my nose.

See, she knew to at least turn her head. Photo by Liz Shimak-Taylor.

I don't have my official completion time yet, but I know Ben and I finished in under 40 minutes.* That's six minutes under my last training time. Even more important was all the laughing we did as we ran. Ben went to town, jumping in every possible puddle pre-, during, and post-race. He flew over walls and rolled down hills. It was awesome.

In front of the hay bale barrier and smiling post-race.
Feet and shoes post run.

And, come on, you can't tell me this isn't the most beautiful I've ever looked!

Look at that smile! See, fit is beautiful.

* Edited to add that per the official time keeper our final time was 39:17 which means we ran one mile ever 12 minutes, 44 seconds. We also placed 926 and 927 out of 1987 runners. Hello! That means we finished in the top half. Holla!

Here are links to a couple of videos of the course we ran. How cool are head cameras?
Video from Roberto
Video from Team Mudder


Jenny N said...

That's awesome, Janice! Way to go!!

Janice Bear said...

Thanks, Jenny! I cannot stress enough how much fun we had. The fact that I did the whole thing totally added to the experience.