Monday, April 30, 2012

Lookin' for a man

It has been over a month since I got back from my mini vacay to Charleston and I have yet to tell you anything about it!  Believe you me, there is a lot to tell. The weather was gorgeous, the buildings were gorgeous, the fashion exhibit was divinely gorgeous...and I'll get to all that.

First, I want to show you my absolute favorite find.  I know it is traditional to save the best for last, but I cannot keep this baby to myself any longer.  On our second day, while wandering about searching for antiques, Ben and I stumbled upon an interior design studio.  It isn't normally open to the public, but on that particular day, the owner was there doing inventory so he let us poke around! Of course I failed to get the name of the place...

I digress.

Inside this jam packed shop of marvelous things was THIS!

Man in a Dress

I love it. LOVE it! I named him Humphrey and I want to make him my very own.

He would live in my family room as a reminder that we should all feel this good about ourselves, social conventions be damned! 

Alas, he would have set me back $1600 and Ben couldn't really muster the same level of affection for our pretty little man. I was actually so befuddled by the price that we made a hasty exit without asking for more information. I've been looking ever since, but so far, I've only turned up one other such painting.

via Baby in the Belly's Blog

If you know anything about this baby pretty please let me know. As for me, I want to know what offbeat art makes you happy so put that comment section to good use!

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