Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Fab Vocab for the Fashion-Minded

My Emily helped me pick the name. When she asked me why I wanted her help I explained that I want my blog to be read by cool chicks and since she among the coolest chicks I know her opinion was important to me. She was adorably flattered.

Let's face it: fashion comes with a language all its own. Fab Vocab is a new feature on NPJ Designs where we'll look up and behind the meanings of weird and confusing sartorial words.

I learn a lot of things from my friend Carrie. She's savvy in both print and in vintage fashion so it seems fitting that my first post about fashion terms should cover a phrase I learned while hanging with her.

Vintage Deadstock
old but new; never used or worn, often with the original packaging or labeling

Carrie found an amazing office chair at Lavender Hill. Must've been the hat creating good karma.

For example, Carrie browsed antique stores with me while sporting an amazing fedora she'd found through some dude with an attic full of never before sold hats. She had absolutely no problem letting people know that her highly complimented topper was, in fact, "vintage deadstock."

To be clear, "deadstock" does have a different meaning outside the sartorial context.  Farmers, for instance, know use the term in reference to unused but outmoded equipment and parts. And unless you are at an auction specifically for vintage clothing, bidding on deadstock my land you with vacuum tubes or some other warehoused antiquity.

Other terms used to refer to deadstock:
NOS,meaning New Old Stock, New Original Stock, New Obsolete Stock, or Never Off Shelf
Dead Stock
Etsy finds for deadstock, dead stock, and NOS

Vintage 1970's Floral Print Summer Dress $49.00
VTG Polo Ralph Lauren Suspenders $40.00
Vintage Aviator Wrangler Sunglasses $20.00
60s White Handbag $31.00

Vintage 1950s Bow Tie $24.00

A search on my local Craigslist using the same terms turned up a lot of sport's shoes and even more car parts.Go figure.

Do you sport deadstock?  I want to know all about it! Feel free to share your finds in the comments or even e-mail me a photo. But please, no farm equipment.

Carrie Keplinger (she rarely discusses vintage clothing, but you can find her here)
About.com - retailing
About.com - vintage clothing

Do you have a fashion term that leaves you wondering?  Let me know in the comments and I'll see what I can find.

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