Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Holiday Tips

There are two types of tips this time of year: the kind that help us survive and the kind we give to thank those who help us survive the rest of the year. It is definitely better to give than receive - even more so when you give graciously.  For those of us prone to making a mess of every social situation, Sarah from This is Glamorous has prepared a lovely guide. (and didn't she include the most divine images?)

Whether you are traveling or will remain at home this Christmas, it is always thoughtful to think of those whose services you require on a regular basis, for a well-mannered traveler is always grateful for good service.

via This is Glamorous

Beyond a spoken thank you, tipping is essential in many cases, and for services above and beyond, a handwritten thank you note is always an elegant and appreciative touch.

via This is Glamorous
As for your regular go-to services at home, it is a wonderful gesture to acknowledge their continuous service during the holidays . . .


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