Monday, November 14, 2011

Sweater Girls

Over the weekend, my sweet neighbors invited Em and I over for dinner. There has actually been something of a snap in the Florida air, and my neighbor had all her windows open and a homey, roaring fire. Finally! Autumn! Well, the Tampa brand of autumn.

still, it was enough to get me thinking about my sizable collection of sweaters and that mid-century Hollywood Icon:
The Sweater Girl

Carole Landis* via Film Noir Photos

A much much, more modern Milla Jovovich, shot by Carter Smith

Lana Wood in "A Place Called Today (1972)"

Christina Hendricks rocking late 1960's fashion on the contemporary series Mad Men

Anne Francis in "Girl of the Night (1960)"

Sophia Loren in "La donna del fiume (1954)"

Dying to be-sweater your own inner silver screen siren? I thought you might so I found some modern-day sources.

Pair your preppy with pattern
Soft knit + heavy metal

Argyle. Perfect.
Belted and bedazzled!
 What sort of sweater style will you be sporting?

* I found this photo posted in several places but could not find the photographer or movie credits.  It must have been taken between 1937 and 1948. Any additional info would be much appreciated

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