Friday, September 9, 2011


First, a disclaimer of sorts. I would love to take credit for the entire Heart-to-Heart concept, but I can't. I found this awesome feature on Scoutie Girl some time ago when it was being done by Jan Dicintio.  When Jan left Scoutie Girl so she could focus more on her shop Daisy Janie, I offered begged to be allowed to continue the feature. Alas, Scoutie Girl has also opted to shift its focus and Heart-to-Heart will no longer be posted there. But I just can't let it go so, without further ado...

Thanks to the Etsy favorites feature, I have hearts, you have hearts, we all have hearts! Here, we’ll hop from heart-to-heart each week, progressively adding to our heart trail as we follow the favorites from one seller to the next.

Our trail starts where I left off at Scoutie Girl with

Romy66 {Lion Fish} who hearts

...Cathy Morell {Cotton Blossom Collar} who hearts

...Stacey Creel {Hammered Copper Earrings} who hearts

...Lori Hammer {Butterfly Cuff} who hearts

...SquirrelNuts {Alligator Charms} who hearts

...StoriesDivinations {Vintage Maps Card} who hearts

...stop back by to find out!

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