Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tutorial: Make an Etsy treasury

I'm always a little surprised when a shop owner I've featured contacts me about how a treasury is made.  For one thing, It makes me realize how lucky/talented I really am since I was featured in treasuries very early in my Etsy career. I try to pick items that demonstrate a great deal of talent so it is really hard to believe these artists and antique experts haven't been featured before.

I don't actually remember how I learned to make treasuries. Certainly nobody told me. I think at some point I just started clicking around. First on the Etsy main page Treasury link:

See it toward the bottom on the left?

Once on the Treasury page, there is a curator toolbox. It actually only contains two tools so it is more like a curator pencil pouch, but whatever. This toolbox is where you go to create a treasury, except it is sort of confusingly named "create a list."

This time, you click on the upper right.
Whatever you want to call it, "create a list" will take you to a page that looks like this:

The process for filling up the list is pretty basic. Copy the URL of an Etsy item you fancy,  paste it into any of the small rectangles containing the words "Listing URL," and select "ok." Creating a good treasury can take between an hour to an hour and a half (well, for me, anyway). To speed things along I usually have at least four browser tabs open: One for the treasury I am creating, a tab of my Etsy favorites, and a tab for each of my two teams.  I like to incorporate team items regularly to show my support.

Today, I want to create a summery, sunny treasury so I have settled on the theme Pink Lemonade. Selecting a theme (be it color, decade, food, etc.) will help keep your treasury focused and pretty to look at.

At this point you can drag the items around to make your treasury look the way you want.  You can also delete items by hovering over a specific box and clicking "delete."

Warning: once you hit "save" any seller with an item listed in your treasury will be notified via her activity feed. If you delete an item after the original  save (or any subsequent saves) you might get a confused message from a deleted seller.

Whenever people scroll through the treasury pages they will only be able to see the top four boxes of your grid so make sure those give a good summery of your collection Then, fill in the "Title," "Description," and "Tags" before hitting save.

Click here to see my completed treasury on Etsy

I generally send an e-mail to each person featured, but there is no requirement to do so.  Just check back in on your treasury to see who has been visiting!

Obviously, my way is not the only or even the best way to put together your faves on Etsy. Here is some other treasury info:
Etsy Help: What is Treasury
Etsy Forums: How to make a treasury
handmade spark

Please feel free to share your tips, tricks, and questions in the comments!

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