Sunday, July 17, 2011

If walls could talk they would die laughing at me

Okay. The bathroom. I have more or less sanded and painted it into submission (cue villainous laugh).

The gray paint (from waaaay back when) was a semi-gloss and the sheen brought all of the pock marks into sharp relief. I guess the upside is that it gave me the opportunity to do a more thorough spackling job. So even though the gray was definitely light in color, I had to prime all the walls so the new paint would go evenly over the old paint and the oodles of spackle patches. Some areas were actually more spackle than anything else.

This time around Kilz did not make an appearance. Instead I went with some primer our landlords had left behind.

It worked beautifully! But it stank with a capitol STANK! Ugh.  I seemed to have survived, but I must've lost some brain cells because I totally forgot to photograph the fully painted bathroom. You aren't missing much - it was very beige.

The walls are beige - ahem - Cappuccino White. The tile is greige and maroon.  The floor, old. So guess what no longer fits into the equation? The cabinets.

That's right, I was eight coats in to making the cabinets white. Well, that wasn't going to work any more. Out came the sand paper.  Really, it wasn't too bad. I decided a shabby-chic look would work well. Shabby is not too hard to accomplish.  It is the chic that requires all your energy.

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