Friday, July 22, 2011

For every girl, a garter

Earlier this week, Amy sent me a link to this adorable bride in her traveling suit.

photos via Bows and Arrows

Shorts suit + garter + fantastic send off. How genius is that!

In honor of this fashion forward-thinking bride, I put together a Never a Plain Jane version of the going away outfit for your viewing pleasure.

The sweet scalloped shorts are a ModCloth item aptly named Smooth Sailor. The garter is an NPJ original. It is actually one of a pair (the other sports an L) I made for a dear client using reproduction typewriter keys to denote which garter was for the right leg and which was for the left. The garters are also adjustable!

Think of the possibilities! I could make you a garter with your new initials.  Or, if you are feeling particularly nautical, we could use vintage buttons!

via recycledstylez
What type of accent would you add?