Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Treasury Tuesday (on Wednesday. Again)

For the month of June, my Etsy team has been given a treasury challenge. Each member must create a themed treasury featuring eight fellow Sweet n' Stuff team members and eight non-team Etsians.  The three treasuries with the most views "win" and will be featured on the team blog. This month's theme, chosen by Vicki, is

Back to the Garden

For my submission I chose to throw a moonlit garden party. I like my celebrations to be just a little dark.

I was feeling pretty proud of my treasury, but then Tina submitted hers and I LOVE it!

You know, these monochromatic deals get me every time. While I would appreciate you visiting my treasury, I know Tina's is so much better so please stop by her peachy keen creation and help her win. You can visit both treasuries at their Etsy home by clicking on the links or the images above.

Thanks for stopping by, my darlings.  I love it when you visit - even more so when you leave me a comment.  Tell me, what epitomizes "garden" for you?

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vegstuf said...

Great job, Jane...both are beautiful and thanks for promoting our team on your blog!!!