Thursday, June 30, 2011

Finding your perfect palette

Back when I first opened shop the amazingly talented Karen Von Oppen told me my "sense of color is nicely honed."  Go look at her website (or the "not a wedding reception"corset she made me) and you'll see why that compliment sent me over the moon.

Sometimes, though, color is really hard, especially when it comes to selecting a palette that you feel represents you. Enter The Perfect Palette.

Think Aqua & Fuschia are for the '80s? Think again.
A lot of you out there planning your weddings know about Chrissy's awesome, wedding-centric website. (Can we call it a wed-site? For the sake of minimal cheese, let's not).  But I think Chrissy got something a little bit wrong.  The Perfect Palette is not just for weddings!

Sometimes color is the best way to convey a feeling

Think of all the places you use color! Um, everywhere. Parties, bedroom decor, work outfits, jewelry, accessories (such as, ahem, garters), etc., etc., etc! And Chrissy's site makes it so easy to find visual examples of color combos thanks to her palette library.

Worried a purple living room might look too fairy princess?  Check out some some lavender-based collages.

Purple is so posh.

If you pair that orange top with your black skinny jeans, will you look like Halloween came early?  Chrissy has some eye candy to help you answer that question.

Twist and shout, not trick-or-treat!
I think you get the idea.

Forget honed! Her ability to find and combine eye candy into color-coded goodness is nothing short of genius! If you want to paint a room, hang some curtains, make personalized stationary, Chrissy is the gal to help you visualize the end result.

Oh, and she's a pretty good wedding resource as well.

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