Monday, May 2, 2011

Like everybody else I've got a dream

In case you missed it, my dream is to have people lining up to possess a custom NPJ garter.

via Aaliya Zaveri
But that's kind of a big dream.  And I suspect it won't happen by tomorrow. Or even all at once. So I made myself some goals. I have five I'd like to reach in my virgin year of business but some are boring such as "buy accounting software."  There are two, however, I think you might be interested in.  In fact, they actually involve you!

First, I'd like this screen to look a little different:

I'd like it to be about nine times bigger. As in - I want 100 followers by January 31, 2012.

I'm already making good progress on goal two: average one sale a week.  So far 2011 has enjoyed six sales. Don't get me wrong, I am THRILLED to have sold six of my unique pretties.  I just know there are at least 46 more legs out there that would look incredible sporting one of these:

Rose red
Tied up and buttoned down
Zip It!


Danielle Renee said...

Very unique garters you have in your shop! I think that says alot if you are selling one a week.

Never A Plain Jane said...

Oh Danielle, thank you! I wish I were selling one a week. I actually did the math the other day and I've sold .53 garters per week. But I'll get there.