Monday, May 9, 2011

Let's pretend...'ve joined an Art Journal exchange.  It is sort of like a chain letter.  You add some art to a journal (gosh, not that the name told us that or anything) and then you mail it to the next person on the list. Another art journal arrives in the mail, rinse and repeat.  Eventually you'll get your journal back filled with art of all types.

So let's say you went out today and bought one of these puppies:

What do you put on the first two pages?   Is your art in color, or words, or pencil strokes?  Does it involve glue, fabric, or paint?

Art journal trade = scary fun.


TerraNerda said...

Oh can we not pretend and actually have one? =)

Never A Plain Jane said...

Yeah, girl! I confess, I am actually doing this for one of my Etsy teams. If you want to play too I can see if they'll let you in. I'm a "more the merrier" kind of gal.

TerraNerda said...

Okay! Or we can make a group of our own if that doesn't work out. :-)